Why Should We Hire You? Being a successful candidate requires more than just ticking the boxes.

In a world where copy and paste has become our best friend, many of us find ourselves taking the easy route when filling job applications. Rather than sell our personalities, we jot down our experience and prioritise qualifications over charisma.

But, our interests and differences can be what employers are looking for.


The Things That Make You Different Can Be A Path To Employment

Whilst having essential skills should not be overlooked, many of these allow you to be compared to others. Having a CV that says ‘competence in Word, Excel and Outlook’ is a thing of the past according to Angela Piromalli, MD of Rise. It isn’t what employers are only seeking any more:

“Those areas we don’t even look at. We pick up the phone and speak to people, as its unique things about them and how they connect with us that gets them the job.

“It’s about looking past their skill-set, and looking at the person.”

Selling your personality can give you a wildcard advantage above the rest of the pack. Character should not be overlooked, as the ability to fit into a team and get along with other people is what pushes you into top roles, a mantra Angela strongly agrees with. You can have all the skills in the world, but if your personality doesn’t suit you will fall short of success.

Emphasising accomplishments that no one else has is one way to stand out from the busy crowd. If you highlight the things you have done that go beyond the expected, employers take an interest. Angela commented,

“Those accomplishments are hugely important to us. They reflect who you are and your interests as a person, and the sooner employees recognise this the better.

“You need specialised skills to survive in life, but it is the other well rounded skills that make you employable. For instance, many companies participate in charity work because we’re running our businesses as people. This reflects more than just a professional competence.”


Interests & Personalities Push Us All Through

Having other passions and drives that keep us going is not just something the professional sector benefit from. As human beings, we thrive in more than just one aspect of life. If all we cared about was gaining traditional employable skills, life would be pretty flat. It is our other attributes that put us ahead, in relationships, work and play. Humans appreciate human attributes.

Being head coach of a sports team means you can commit to something, you’re resilient and can show leadership skills. These things link together and show you’re more than someone who can work with Excel.

Even if you do not think your skills are relevant in the workplace, you might surprise yourself. Non tangible skills like being outgoing and having a strong social group can indicate your strength in communication, teamwork and meeting new clients.


Is There An Ideal Candidate?

Deciding on the perfect candidate can be a tall order. It is difficult to put into a box what attributes you are seeking in an employee, but upon meeting someone you might realise they are the right person to fit into your business.

Laura Coombes, our Recruitment Consultant knows how different people can make the seamless team, without there being a “perfect” example of the dream client:

“It is so hard to put your finger on what people look for. Actually speaking to someone and understanding their aura in the way they seem to you is what’s important.

“We have noticed people having two different CV’s, adapting them for the specific role they are applying for. One had work experience whilst the other had out-of-hours accomplishments, and they seem like two different people. It is better to combine to create one rounded individual.”


The Solid Interview Experience

When we look at unsuccessful candidates, a few common mistakes often crop up. Laura finds people often fail to research the company and job they are applying for, which would have given them a massive advantage in fitting what we are looking for:

“People want to employ someone who wants to work for them, rather than people who just want any job. And the candidate knowing about the job and asking us questions back makes them stand out.”

Being you in an interview is your strongest asset. Even if one job doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, it doesn’t mean you failed. Why would you work for a company that doesn’t suit you either?

If you go in, read the room and give the best interview you have got, whilst completely being yourself, you have nothing to regret. Having a bit of bravado and pushing yourself up doesn’t mean you are deceiving anyone either. ‘Bigging yourself up’ can go a very long way.

Similarly, not hiding charity work can and will work to your advantage, so don’t be embarrassed to share things about yourself which may not seem job-related at first glance.

So, what’s the icing on the cake when thinking of the ideal employee? According to Angela, experience can sometimes be overrated:

“If someone walked in here now and they knew what was expected of them, with the right attitude and the right values regardless of their experience I would take them on within a heartbeat. It is that spark someone has in their eyes.”


Let’s Sum Up For You

Times are changing in the way you sell yourself, both in interviews and on your CV.

Employers are valuing personable traits above all else, and finding the perfect combination of personality and skillset can propel you into the job market as a hot commodity.

In our field of recruitment, it comes down to your other assets which make you stand out.

Skills can be learnt, but character is something to be prioritised above all else. The person you are allows you to get a job, so let it stand out.