Only when you look back do you realise the development and hard work that goes into a completed year.

Let’s look at some lessons from 2018 that we have learnt at RISE.

The biggest lessons of 2018

By empowering the RISE team in 2018 and instilling belief in every single person in the company, we now act as one body.

Having a solid base to a business and connecting to each other on a human level changed the company around for the better. This is a valuable trait we will work harder on, year on year.

Angela Piromalli, our MD, sums this up perfectly; “This year is all about having the right team on board and then giving responsibility to others.”

Whilst it is great to be acknowledged for awards, it is the byproduct of hard work. We were nominated for seven awards this year and we won seven awards. From that perspective, it has been fantastic. We have progressed into our next phase as a company after deciding to really go for it in 2018.

2019 from a business angle

Not only do we want to empower our colleagues and work as one, we put this mentality towards each of our clients and candidates.

Rather than being outsiders to our family, we embraced everyone who came to us and treated them as our own.

The growth of our Rock Star Awards has also allowed different employees to take on bigger responsibilities in this sector. Instead of one person taking full responsibility for a project solo, we decided that more people should work together and create a product even better than the year before. Giving up and handing to others an idea that was conceived and delivered (the Rock Star Awards) may be for the benefit of you and those around you:

Angela says, “It’s important to give others responsibility, and prove you can trust your team. Giving people the freedom takes the pressure off of you, and brings new minds together.  For instance, Fleur Cook, our Marketing Manager, hosted the 2019 Rock Star Awards launch event at Bournemouth University and people recognised Fleur as a figurehead for this initiative.“

“Instilling new energy to revamp existing projects makes such a difference.”

The units we create as a company are equally as important as employing good people. If you want to progress as a company, everyone within a company needs to be invested. That core team is the company, not just the name on the logo.

What will next year hold?

Now we have the right energy together as a company, we look forward to what next year has in store.

As well as the responsibility, it is important to have the drive and passion to make 2019 a success. For all businesses, there has to be careful planning. It comes down to companies knowing the structure for the future and giving a bit of leeway to slip up occasionally without the world crashing down around them.

In 2019 we also plan to launch a new think tank programme. Angela explains this new introduction to the business:

“Our objective is to challenge the norms of the businesses in Dorset, by trialling the four day working week, using public transport to get into work, a six hour working day, and seeing the impact this has on mental health, work ability and also efficiency.”

We want people and businesses to get involved and participate with us on this project. Trialling is the only real way to understand the level of success and achievement. By working with partners we can present strong tangible data.

Discovering and unravelling these secrets of business that no one’s really delved into before is important for us. We want to know how you can increase productivity, how people can be happier and how you can attract the right talent and retain it.

As Angela states, “If the research reveals a positive impact on these factors, it will be landmark for us and the local economy.”

“Whether clients or candidates, the output for everyone has to be living a content and fulfilled life.”

Let’s Conclude

Reflecting and growing from the past is such an undervalued asset in the business world.

If we, as RISE, had not looked back at our continued journey and where we have come from, would not have allowed us to plan and initiate. We are continually thankful for the people around us, the clients we serve and the candidates we support as well as the community we have nurtured. It is a privilege to be a part of the business community we have been a part of for over 10 years.

Having a genuine excitement for the year ahead with new projects and fresh ideas is building our community and allowing us to be excited to go into work – trust your gut and listen to ideas that aren’t just your own.

Give 2019 all you’ve got.