A Look at the 2019 Rock Star Awards

Looking at the new and rising talent around all of us, provides a glimpse into the future.

Let us take a reflective look at how the 2019 Rock Star Awards have been progressing and what we have seen this year.

Individuals in a workforce and people in society are driving themselves to the limit to produce results day in day out, or just to live a happier life. No matter how long you have worked in a company, people deserve recognition. Even if no one has noticed yet.



Finding The Diamonds

“Every year the calibre and the diversity for Rock Star Award candidates is amazing,” believes our MD, Angela Piromalli. Talent is peaking its eager head up in many different places. A shift is appearing, with more people from different backgrounds than before are standing up and wanting to be counted.

The underlying principles of the Rock Star Awards has never changed, since it started in 2012. Not only do they bring attention to certain individuals, but they show companies the features that make a successful individual.

“Deserving people are now being recognised outside of the status quo. There’s no underlying agenda there. It’s exciting for the future.”

By looking at skills and talents that were previously glazed over in industry, more adaptable candidates are sought out. With this new way of seeing people, we’re finding diamonds under rough rocks.


More Than Just A Company Initiative


A major factor in the Rock Star Awards is not only giving someone the recognition, but supporting their trajectory towards success. It is not just a shindig at the end of March, the Rock Star Awards present genuine opportunities to grasp for the future.

Fleur Cook, our Marketing Manager explains, “This platform showcases the right talent and projects it both locally and nationally.

“It puts the spotlight on young people, which extends beyond the one night.”

All of those involved in the awards, both past and present, interact on a regular basis, keeping the network pulse thriving. It has created a web of interaction that expands far beyond the awards themselves, focusing on growth and development for the future.

“Not only are new candidates offered the chance to see the success of previous award winners, but they can build on their own and reach out to people in this new database of marketing gold. The awards have a longevity way beyond the ceremony itself.”

“They are way more than just a trophy.”


The Rising Talent


Helping both company and candidates, there are two sides to these awards. Stars tap into our mentality at Rise, and help with initiatives from a fresh set of eyes.

A new perspective and a pool of people to lean on is something both sides of the process benefit from, with each award winner bringing something new to the table. There’s no set formula for the “Rock Star Award Winners” either; some may have tougher backgrounds than others, but all know how to work hard and work together.

Angela says, “Everyone who is involved in the awards are overcoming obstacles. We want to give as many young people as we can the chance to tackle these.

“We believe in support, and that’s what these awards are offering people. It’s ongoing and it’s permanent, the Rock Star Awards are the starting point of it. Every person we have come into contact with has had something magic about them. That’s who we want to support and that’s who we want to grow alongside.”


Why It’s All Worth It


Having such an event represents a lot of organisation and time, but what you get back from it is in abundance.

“When people come up to you and thank you for the event, it makes it all worth it. Whether they’ve won or not, we have endless amounts of grateful people approach us.” Angela says proudly.

Some nominees have not been given this kind of opportunity before, and being able to give them that platform to be appreciated means more than words.

Angela knows that planning, preparing and partnering with everyone involved is no easy feat, and it is a rewarding, but challenging process, to co-ordinate the entirety of the project. Seeing the smiles at the event and knowing we have made a difference to people’s lives on that night makes it worth it.

Angela concludes, “Grouping together talent, recruitment and sponsors we have a unique chance to do something different. By getting more involved in future partnerships and discussions we are able to create this mega-hub of resources in different industries, forming the Rise super-team. This will become a contender not just in the South of England, but on wider level.”


20/20 Vision For The Future


2019 for us is about growth, but it doesn’t stop there.

We want to give young people the biggest platform possible to express and debut their well-deserving work, something we’ll work towards and make a reality.

It’s about being inspired, and giving young people a chance on every level.

You can go on and achieve great things, and the Rock Star Awards can and will give others that leg up. This is our promise to the communities we work within.

It is almost cyclical where one action affects another and layers are effectively built.

It is time to go back to school and get the ‘dog-eared’ textbook out.

Without going too geology GCSE on you, that is how rock is formed. The planet is made up of different layers. For instance, sand from the beach gets compacted as more sediment is deposited on the top. Eventually the sediment becomes so dense, that over time it becomes rock. The whole process becomes cyclical, it continues and one process affects another.

Similarly, that is the formula for how Rise Recruitment works. Our continual ecosystem is built on relationships (whilst the other is built on sediment).

In the world of geology, it’s called an evolving ecosystem. In our world, it’s called nurturing an environment.

Let’s look at the importance of having an active involvement from both the candidate, the client and ourselves to create a flowing and thriving environment. The message we are looking to highlight within this article is that whatever industry, stronger companies are built on the networks they create by having a clear responsibility.

The biggest challenge for any recruiter is to match up what they say to how they actually are. Angela Piromalli, Rise MD, highlighted,

“There are companies that look to recruit that may not match up to the persona that they set. For instance, a company may leave detail out, not enough time to find out a bit more about candidates, even to someone recruiting for someone else’s team.”

“Let’s look at it this way, candidates effectively interview the interviewer at the same time.”

A cycle of trust is relationship led. Touchpoints are required to build familiarity. Angela continued,

“When a recruitment company has a direct link to the person recruiting, you have greater success. For instance, we may work with a HR team, but when you take the key recruiter out of the equation then you lose a flow of communication and more importantly familiarity. If a recruiter is process driven, then we can match that to the right candidate. The expectation is already set. A recruitment consultant has to support both the candidate and client.”


The Resume or The Relationship?

A common question asked in a more transparent world, where accessibility and social media play a key role, is ‘what is more important, the resume or the relationship?’ Toni Taylor, our business support manager, commented,

“Meeting people and forging connections is key to the whole process. Trust is gained when finding the most suited candidates and the match is complete. Over time, people become more open.”

From a recruitment agency perspective, the relationship has such a key role to play. For instance, there is a term used, called the ‘wildcard.’ Fleur Cook, our marketing manager, explained,

“The wildcard is someone on paper who doesn’t necessarily match the requirements from a client. However, the attitude and cultural fit could be ideal. This is where many successes lie, where initial reservations are superseded by a high quality of connection.”

According to the Talent Boards Candidate Experience survey, from 130,000 candidates, 56% of candidates had some form of relationship prior to starting the recruitment process. Relationships are worth their weight in gold. The stats show that familiarity clearly has its role to play.

From a Rise Recruitment perspective, this ability to nurture connections on a much wider level is something that we have been carrying the torch since we started the Rock Star Awards in 2012. This awards evening was created to celebrate and reward young people who are active, have a presence and deserve to be recognised.

Those people who are nominated and win become part of the Rise Recruitment family. We stay with them and celebrate their own professional journeys as their careers’ develop. For instance, Crispin Hutton, from Thin Reel Media won an award in 2013. We have kept close to Crispin and now he has his video production company established and doing good work, we have asked him to work with us and film the 2019 awards ceremony. The nominations will start in September and the awards evening will be next March.

Similar to the formation of rock (from a geological perspective), one action affects the progress of another. As Angela highlights,

“On a business level, one interaction formed can develop into a long-term alliance.”


Keeping Everyone’s Interests At Heart

The recruitment industry has been well known for generations as a hard and fast culture. To many people, its world evolved around commission, where candidates are recognised as the commodity.

Angela stated the need to interconnect,

“It is possible to coach a candidate and have a kinship with a client. When you marry the two, this is how long-term relationships are built, from both the side of the candidate and the client.”

Candidates want to work with companies that have a responsibility. Clients want to work with people they can implicitly trust. The recruitment company has the role to encourage transparency and a flow of communication.

That is how the rock/Rise ecosystem works, by one action impacting another. Whilst dusting down our geology knowledge and applying it to our world is a rather crude example, what it highlights is that a number of forces have to act in unison (client, candidate and consultant) to create the desired effect.